eIDAS trust service provider


We are a qualified trust service provider.

Since June 2016, we have been operating our own eIDAS-certified trust center for qualified signature and seal certificates. Based on qualified signature and seal certificates, documents can be signed or sealed electronically in a qualified process. In accordance with the eIDAS regulation, a qualified electronic signature or a qualified electronic seal is legally valid throughout the EU. A qualified signature is also legally equivalent to a handwritten signature throughout the EU.

The primesign TRUST CENTER holds the EU trust seal for qualified trust service providers and is listed on the EU Trusted List. All signatures created by primesign can therefore be verified using standard tools.

You will find more information below about our qualified signature and seal certificates as well as current qualified trust service documents. We also provide support for receipt signatures within the framework of the Cash Register Security Regulation (RKSV).


Certificate Revocation List, Root- and CA-Certificates, etc.

Latest documents of the qualified trust service provider

Revoking certificates

Our revocation service ensures the suspension or revocation of certificates at any time.

Status of the primesign TRUST CENTER Services

primesign MOBILE SEAL - our qualified electronic company seal.

Sign or seal documents as a company. Now also for EPREL registration.

Receipt signatures within the framework of the Cash Register Security Regulation (RKSV).

primesign signing solutions for the Austrian Cash Register Security Regulation.