Secure processes for remote smart card provisioning.

How an international DACH-based bank has modernized its identity and access management system.

A renowned financial institution based in the DACH region wanted to modernize its smart-card-based authentication solution. It was already operating a multi-purpose smart card system for its employees worldwide for around ten years. However, the modernization was intended to address a number of shortcomings of the long-established system, thus improving both security and ease of use.

CRYPTAS was chosen to perform the modernization of the bank's identity and access management system. As the heart of the solution offered by CRYPTAS, a set of processes was defined and implemented, which enables secure card issuing and activation via 100% remote control. Users get a pre-personalized smart card that is sent to their location, no matter where they are in the world.

The migration from the existing smart card system to the new system was a manageable task that did not overburden the IT help desk. This was possible mainly thanks to the high level of end-user self-service mechanisms embedded in the issuing and recovery processes of the solution.


Case Study

Secure processes for remote smart card provisioning.