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Enterprises and organizations operate IT infrastructures, often spread across multiple sites and cloud services. Access and usage of such distributed information systems are vulnerable to cyberattacks in many ways. The gold standard for securing the access and the interconnection of such enterprise IT infrastructures are digital certificates issued by an enterprise certification authority. This type of public key infrastructure (PKI) must also be complemented with suitable mechanisms for online validation and Certificate Life Cycle Management (CLM). Additionally, security policies and practices must be documented in a standardized way to meet the relevant compliance and audit needs.

For almost two decades now, CRYPTAS has been successfully designing and building such enterprise PKIs based on industry-leading technology. CRYPTAS is also available to set up or renew your enterprise PKI in your company.


Data is the fuel for the digital economy and the digital society. In an increasingly connected world with the sprawling usage of cloud-based IT systems, secure access to data is essential. The only effective protection against unauthorized use or dissemination of data is the implementation of encryption and digital signature measures. While encryption and digital signatures are relatively easy to implement, managing the secure life-cycle of keys and digital certificates is much more challenging and must be well-designed and integrated into IT systems and processes.

CRYPTAS offers customized and demand-oriented data-at-rest encryption solutions to securely protect your data. CRYPTAS also operates its own eIDAS-certified trust center - primesign TRUST CENTER - for qualified signing and seal certificates.



In the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous devices interact and communicate continuously with each other. Such interactions or communications often have implications that may be physical (e.g., a vehicle moves), financial (e.g., a payment is made), or otherwise significant to human welfare. Therefore, it is essential that interacting “things” can trust each other and that the authenticity and integrity of their communications is assured at all times. Establishing and maintaining trust in the IoT generally relies on cryptography and related techniques. 

Let CRYPTAS support your secure communications in the Internet of Things and build trust.


As IT environments in organizations continue to grow and become more distributed, so do the use and number of digital certificates. In this situation, it is crucial to keep an eye on the visibility of all certificates, whether they are from internal or external sources, to prevent unexpected system outages and security vulnerabilities.

CRYPTAS offers a range of solutions for the discovery and management of all digital certificates within organizations.


In the digital world, HSMs play a central role in protecting cryptographic keys and secrets from unauthorized access and use. HSMs are critical for the security and the performance of the overall IT system as well as for business continuity. Therefore it is mandatory to deploy, configure and operate HSMs according to best practices. It starts with the system design and the right vendor and product choice for the use cases. Redundancy and the protection of cloud services may also be important factors. Also, policy settings for key creation and key usage are to be established in alignment with applications, such as PKIs or Enterprise Key Managers. Backup/restore, business continuity, and potential key migration requirements must be carefully planned and implemented.

CRYPTAS is a vendor-agnostic expert for HSM technology. We support our customers in all aspects of HSM deployment, operation, and migration.


Embedded software is pervasive in today’s products, from vehicles and mobile phones to industrial machinery. During the lifetime of a product, its software is frequently updated to include bug fixes as well as feature enhancements. Such updates carry significant risks, as malicious actors may insert malware to modify a product's behavior in dangerous or otherwise undesirable ways. Code signing, and a well-designed validation mechanism for such signatures, is the universal toolkit for product manufacturers to ensure the authenticity and integrity of updates and feature enhancements of their products.

CRYPTAS supports you in designing and implementing a secure code signing infrastructure.